Let’s Tell Your Story

Writing a book is often a life-long dream.

You had an experience. It almost killed you, but it didn’t.

The journey of darkness you surpassed, changed you into some one beautiful.

You learned and you became better.

So, now, you want to help someone else through their experience, so it won’t stop them.

Or maybe you want the whole world to know what you overcame.

Just as life can be transformational, writing a book can change how you view the world and how you view yourself.

If you are just getting started, have a few journals or notes, and need someone to guide you through your journey of writing a book…Welcome!



Are you ready to birth something amazing in your life? The right content can transform the trajectory of your business, relationships, career and your Creative Purpose.

I am here to help guide you through the noise to find your authentic brand voice and communicate with the tribe that’s looking for leadership and influence like yours.

From top Fortune 500 companies, universities, philanthropic organizations and Amazon Bestsellers, I’ve written top-selling content that captivates the right people for your brand, reels them in and moves them to act.

You be the master of your craft and allow me to be the master of mine – for you!

I create copy that sells. I tell stories that inspire. I help birth strategy that heals the energy in businesses, CEOs and in customers.

I have spent over a decade studying and understanding the needs of executives and leaders crafting and honing words to transform and captivate hearts and minds from emails to web content, from webinars to national conference keynotes.

What if your emails could do the selling FOR YOU?

What if your website took your customers from being passive observers to enthusiastic ambassadors of your business? What if the power of your business words pierced through the noise of Facebook, a crowded email inbox or a fickle search engine?

Guess what…? It can.

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So, you have a vision of writing a book, and you’re ready to bring it to life. The truth is…writing a book can be a messy process. You realize things about yourself that you never before considered as you write.

I am here to guide you through the process.

Step 1:  

First, we will have an informal 30-minute conversation about your vision.

Introductory Call – FREE |Click here to schedule an introductory call

Step 2:

Together, we will explore the details of your book. We will sketch out an outline of what the book will look like and develop a project schedule.

(1-2 hours)

Step 3:

I will send you a project schedule along with a proposed outline for the draft of your book.

You may update the outline with any interview contacts, resources, memos, emails, notes, etc. that you would like me to explore in the process. Feel free to include voice memos, videos and anything that will help me tell your story.

(1 – 2 weeks)

Step 4:

I will review any resources and videos as well as conduct any interviews. I will process this information and include in the book narrative.

(2 – 3 weeks, may be longer depending on the depth of materials and interviews)

Step 5:

The writing process begins! I will begin writing the book.

We will meet every other week to discuss new content, any questions, experiences, interviews and details needed to complete the upcoming chapters.

This is a collaborative journey where you help guide me in the creation of your book.

(8 – 12 weeks)

Step 6:

I will submit a draft of your completed book.

(2-3 weeks)

Step 7:

You will give your feedback, comments, concerns and questions.

(1-2 weeks)

Step 8:

I will prepare a final draft of your completed book along with a synopsis for the back of your book.

(3-4 weeks)


Ideation + Content Strategy | $120 per hour

Writing Success Coaching Session | $120 per session

Emails | $160 per email, $600 per series (3 – 4 emails)

Articles | $240 per article (600 words with 3 references, minimum)

Research | $300 per day (includes interviews and reviewing videos, audios and background materials)


Ghost Writing | $8,000 per 100,000 words includes two revisions and synopsis

Developmental Editing | $5,000 per 100,000 words including one revision

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