Hand Reaches to Sun

Who is Jesus?

I know who Jesus is – from experience, from having spent time with Him.

I was first introduced as a child, before I could grasp the completeness of Him, yet before I could shut him out with my social and mental walls.

I was baptized at five or six years old. He was my immediate choice. One that would love me so much that He would die, sacrificing Himself for me.

We sang a song in our youth choir, called “Just for Me”, where we belted out the extremities our Savior suffered in our name, only years later for the same soft, open hearts to close before Him as we grew with age.

Life is cold, hard and sometimes mean. It hardens us, it can make us closed if we let it.

Yet the patient Savior, who died for the sins of the world continues in love.

Who is Jesus?

Understand that we were made in innocence and completion. In union with God, He had provided everything we possibly could need.

Part dust, part God – we were formed to emulate Him: to speak, love and move like Him. In His Image.

Surrounded in precious jewels, bdellium, gold, we were the crown jewel of all creation. Oh, how He loved us. Our Father.

God placed his prized treasure, man within a perfect home, in a complete state of bliss. Yet, He wanted to trust ma – God wanted to know that we wouldn’t serve him just for His blessings or because of our dependence upon Him.

He wants to trust our love for him is the real thing.

Imagine a love so powerful that it can be proven.

God is not impressed by outward, vain showcases of infatuation. He wants to know that our love for Him is real.

God of all – in His perfection, wants us to be true to Him. He provided man with a choice, free will. We can choose to love Him or not. With love, comes following His plan and trusting the strength and fullness of His love.

Adam and Eve had a choice in the garden. To trust and depend on God, or to seek their own path, apart form Him.

Yet, recall, we were made part dust, part God.

Without Him, we are void.

Generations later, we find a people seeking meaning, fulfillment and a reason for their very being.

The age old question: Why am I here?

Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey God and to walk outside of His plan led to be a series of catastrophic events. Apart from His fellowship, they found sorrow and loss, when Cain, their eldest son, murdered his brother.

Cain sought meaning in his labor, from his works. He sacrificed his harvest to God.

Yet, Abel offered a more perfect sacrifice – a lamb, one that he loved.

Today, we are still torn between our love for God, for one another and our need to prove our worth. Cain’s labor was proof of his effort, his way, yet Abel gave out of a place of pain – a depth that came from the Creator himself. This is the place of love.

Love, so powerful that death could not conquer.

As Abel’s blood cried out from the grave, Cain stood before God, defending his SELF.

Flesh Versus Blood

The flesh represents our natural desires for power, for territory, for influence.

The blood represents the lengths we are willing to go, the God force within us expressing a moment and meaning beyond what we can see or understand.

Blood is the life force of the human body. It transports oxygen and nutrients to every major organ and minor blood vessel in the body, without which we cannot live.

The blood is life. It is the love of God running through us, giving us what we need as He did in the garden. Yet, this is not physical blood I speak of. It is the blood of Jesus Christ.

When mankind left the perfect plan of God, there was a need for reconciliation.

The sin nature had entered the bloodline through Adam. Another father, a false one, had polluted God’s innocent and perfect Creation.

But God has a plan. He used key vessels, willing souls to carry out His ultimate redemption plan on earth.

A loving Father, God of Creation watched his crowned jewel, all of mankind fall into self-determination – ravaged by pain, disappointment, taken away with lust and immorality, murder and sorrow.

Like any good Father, he made a way for the billions to come to be redeemed back to himself. Every generation, He sought out a few that would worship Him, love Him and choose Him. God used Noah to preach repentance, asking, pleading for people to come back to God.

Only a remnant was saved through the ark.

Through the Bible, Jesus was represented and foreshadowed as a place of safety, a place we could receive life.

  • The tree of life
  • The ark Noah build
  • And as for today, the local church.

Throughout the history of mankind, God found a way, a people, a chosen few to carry His truth – the people of Israel.

He used traditions and religious practices to symbolize his righteousness and his power.

God spoke through prophets, kings and priests. All to ensure that we would be saved. That we would know Him.