Healing can be immediate. Rebuilding takes time.

Broken or weakened bonds must be repaired intentionally at the hands of grace, patience and love.

There’s often residue of the painful experience.

Some of which cannot be seen – but felt. The transition of releasing privacy and solitude required of healing…to a place where the wounds can now be exposed. This is a gradual wearing away, that only happens with time.

Mostly, there’s relief that the healing process has begun. There’s gratitude which strengthens us for every obstacle to peace.

Gratitude is a potent rebuilding agent. As I pivot from the face of death or what could have been, I run valiantly to the new possibilities of what now can be.

The possibilities of two days lie ahead. One where I fight for the way things were, for normalcy – or one where I take a moment to heal and compete the process.